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Stage Shows for 2018 will be added soon. You may click the link below to view the 2017 schedule.

Note: Symbol denotes shows that are interpreted for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Also – New for 2017! Children’s Activity Guide.

 CF 2017 Stage Schedule


Commedia Al Dente

Famiglia al Dente presents a Commedia dell’Arte about love, beauty, deception and money.
Lelio falls in love with his father’s betrothed, the high-spirited Argentina al Dente. He must woo her for himself, but how? A disguise, of course! It works, or seems to, until Mama Focaccia becomes suspicious and an unexpected visitor arrives…

Lupo di Mare (The SeaDogs)

Lupo di Mare brings you the songs and music of Italian Seafaring and waterways…not to mention a great big injection of naughty-cal maritime commedia!

Experience the same tunes that the sailors of old shared while sailing the mighty seas.

La Famiglia Brilliante

famigliaJoin La Famiglia Brillante for circus magic onstage with stilt-walking, dance, and astounding feats of skill.  Join us on the streets as we discuss (argue) about everything from love to lasagne.  Learn to juggle and help hide us from our enemies.  Life itself is a circus with our family and each of our shows ends with young Giovanni sword-fighting for a wager and each fight is different.  Will he win it all or lose more than life itself?

Balzare! musica e danza di Napoli

The people of Naples leap and jump with joy when spring arrives.

Come watch the lively display as families come together to make music and dance to our traditional songs such as Tamurriata, Pizzica, Tarantella, and Moresca.

Tutte Le Voci

Relax with your amore and your vino while we transport you to the popular and romantic music of the 16th century.

Tutti le Voci brings you earthy yet ethereal songs of love, death, and birds sung with gusto in the original Italian.

No Parchment Needed

No Parchment Needed is a traveling group of improvisational performers. Every short-form show is varied and unique because it is tailored by the audience’s suggestions. Fun for all children & adults alike on the general audience stages, and able to entertain groundlings on the NC-17 stage. Come one, come all!

Comedy Of Errors

What happens when two sets of identical twins, separated at birth, end up in the same town together? Hilarity ensues! Join us for a wild ride of zany mishaps, mistaken identities, infidelity, arrests, false accusations, wrongful beatings, courtesans, theft and demonic possession.

Based on a farce by the Roman playwright Plautus, The Comedy of Errors is the Bard’s most madcap comedy.


“The Assembly of Women”

Based on “THE ECCLESIAZUSAE” Written by Aristophanes.

A group of women, led by the wise and redoubtable Praxagora, has decided that the women of Athens must convince the men to give them control of the city, as they are convinced they can do a better job. Disguised as men, the women sneak into the assembly and command the majority of votes needed to carry their series of revolutionary proposals.

Once in power, Praxagora realizes that she has to come up with some novel and radical proposals.  Will turning the state over to the women bring soteria, (salvation) to the Athenians?

Puss In Boots

Compañia de la Legua (company of the road) is an acting troupe made up of traveling actors from Spain. While in Naples, they have learned a new story from Italian author Giovanni Francesco Straparola called Il gatto con gli stivali, it is a story that will be enjoyed by one and all. Perhaps you have heard of this puss in boots, a sneaky cat who uses tricks to gain power and wealth and more for his master.


Recommended for children.

Magical Marionettes

 Gather round and meet the magical marionettes of Pulcinella’s Puppet Theatre. The story of one special princess locked high in a tower with hair long enough to be used as a ladder sounds familiar but it’s origins are actually based in ancient Italia. This is definitely for the youngsters.

Le Avventure Di Pollicina

Carn15_0585 The Adventures of Thumbelina.   From the original Italian fable. Pulcinella and his Zanni friends tell the story of Pollicina and her magical adventure. Will she escape the brutto, Ranocchio? Will she have to marry the old mole? Find out how it all turns out as she meets animal friends and fairy princes.

The Bella Donna Historical Players

Witness the ultimate competition, as Princesses vie for a Prince’s heart in this Italian comedy! The Evil Queen wants her son out of the house, so she arranges for a ball to marry him off. Princesses arrive from across the land to compete with song, dance, and pratfalls in order to win the Final Rose.




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